I can be a pretty restless person, and I often opt  for change in my life, despite it being scary to at least some extend. In less than a month, I will be leaving my home country, Austria, to spend the next half year or so in California. To be honest, this makes me feel quite anxious as it is not guaranteed that everything will go smoothly once I am there. On the other hand though, I am more than ready to leave. Sure enough, I love my family more than anything, but over the past few weeks, I realized how little besides comfort is actually holding  me back here.

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I am ready for the excitement of living in another country, ready for awesome people, ready for another mentality. Austria is a beautiful country, but the habit of always complaining, behind-the-back-talking and so on. I currently noticed how much some of the cultural habits here are actually affecting my mood, making me a more negative and less nice person than I actually am or at least strive to be. Of course, life happens while you are busy making plans, but I still feel as though I will not be spending the rest of my life here in Austria. I just cannot really identify with the mentality and probably never have, so it is tough for me to picture my future living in Vienna (or Upper Austria).

At this point, I guess I am going to do my master’s degree in another European country, probably Germany, somewhere in Scandinavia or Great Britain-who knows, I don’t quite yet. This song that I listened to while I was on a Garden Route road trip in South Africa describes my feelings pretty accurately. I really want to find a place that fits my vibes where I can really thrive.

This probably sounds like a teenage girl’s dreams and phantasies, and to some extent it surely is. MaybeI will totally change my mind in not too long, but this is what my blog is great for: It enables me to go back to different stages of my life to experience my thoughts and feelings on various topics and life in general all over again.

All I know right now is that there are definitely exciting times ahead of me, and I will try to take full advantage of them and enjoy the ride we call life as much as possible. And I really hope you all do the same.

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