Hi peeps,

I felt like quickly sharing my thoughts on the current glorification of working on social media. Don’t get me wrong here, having a job in order to pay your bills is obviously an essential part of everyone’s life (unless you are a billionaire or his heir-then go for it :P). However, during the past few months, it became evident to me how hashtags such as #hustlehard #workworwork or #girlboss are used by almost the whole community of bloggers.


And I have to admit that it made me feel kind of guilty sometimes to read how many appointments they had in a day or to see people studying until late in the night while I was relaxing, watching Gossip Girl. “Should I also be working right now?”, I thought, “did I study hard enough for this exam?” And I would say that I am actually a person who can be rather disciplined and hard working if she choses to.

In reality, everyone needs to take some time off every now and then to be able to come back refreshed and full of new power and inspiration afterwards. Our modern society, however, often seems to tell us otherwise; that we should strive for more all the time and never be satisfied. While I agree that we should set us high but achievable goals in life, it should not be forgotten to take a moment to rest from time to time to look back on what we have already achieved. Because otherwise, how could we ever be happy in life if we were never proud of anything we have done? I think in the end, it is everyone’s ultimate goal to be happy, not to outwork everyone else.

So do something for yourself that you really enjoy today 🙂