Hello my loves 🙂

Today I wanna share my thought and experiences concerning the topic of change with you. First things first, I guess I have to address the elephant in the room though: WHY AM I WRITING IN ENGLISH? Well, what can I say-I personally love expressing myself in this language that I would consider myself pretty fluent in. For that reason, after not having English lessons in school anymore, I started craving writing and talking in English as it suddenly was not part of my everyday life any longer. So I decided to grab the opportunity and publish post in English here on my blog-at least from time to time 😉



But why am I talking about change once again?

In my opinion, change is one of the matters that concern us for our entire lifetime because we are constantly faced with it, whether we want it or not. And I am going to be honest here: I used to be afraid of change and tried to kling onto things in order for them to stay in my control. I guess this is just a natural humanly reaction as change means being confronted with new, unknown situations and challenges that require us to step out of our comfort zone. While it is nice and obviously not a bad thing to stay in contact with the people you have known for your entire life, basically from day one, only seeking the comfort of their familiar atmosphere without ever seeing anyone new is nothing I would suggest you doing.

Personal growth can only happen through change. In my opinion, being in situations for the first time, preferably on your own or with people you did not know beforehand is what makes you grow and get to know different sides of yourself the most. When you always just surround yourself with the same people who are preferably from the same neighborhood and went to the same kindergarten, school and university-how can you get new perspectives on life , the world and other matters when they always made exactly the same experiences as you did?

This is probably the social sciences student in me speaking,  but I have the strong belief that interactions with other people who might have a different outlook on life are what provided me with the most valuable knowledge in life so far.

Nowadays, I try not to fear change any more. In fact, it is the only thing that allows us to develop an move forward in life. No, nowadays, I actually embrace change and I attempt to constantly keep on changing. As one of my favorite quote says:

“I am not afraid or change, I am more afraid of staying the same”

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